Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daisy Scouts have Jungle Fever

On May 7th, our Daisy troop atteded a mother/daughter dance, sponsored by one of the older troops in Brentwood.  The theme was "Jungle Fever", and everyone was supposed to wear their favorite animal print, and come for a "roaring" good time.  I had asked the girls if they wanted to use part of their cookie money to attend this dance, and they voted unanimously to go!

The dance was held at our church.  The troop that hosted had invited all of the Girl Scout troops in the area, but it seemed to be attended by the mostly younger troops.  They did a great job:  they decorated, set up long tables with lots of seating, and provided paper and crayons.  The refreshments they served were taco salad, fruit salad, pretzels, and brownies.  They had hired a dj, and set up a photo booth, where girls could go with their moms to have pictures taken.  A few days later, the troop leader was sent the finished pictures.  And, each girl got a patch, which was, I think, the highlight for quite a few of them!

Here are some of the pictures I was able to take throughout the evening:
Emma and Abby, enjoying a snack.

Madelynn, with her grandma and mom.

Carolynn and her mom, on the dance floor.

Emma and Abby, "bustin' some moves"

Troop 31804, at the photo booth.

Emma and Abby, having dessert.

Carolyn and her mom.

Abby and Emma

Emma, Carolyn, and Emma C, doing the Hokey Pokey.

The DJ.  He changed his wig every so often.  I'm not sure if any of the girls noticed!
This was a REALLY fun night, and I think everyone had a good time.  I did see quite a few "wilted" little girls by the time we left.  I've never seen so many animal print outfits in one place before, and quite a few of the moms were really getting into it.  The younger girls all screamed whenever the DJ played Justin Bieber, and my girls were singing along to all of the Disney channel original movie songs.  The highlight for all of my girls was when the DJ turned on the bubble machine.  Glad he saved that to the very end!

We're really looking forward to our next Daisy Scout event.  Stay tuned, it's not far behind!

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