Friday, May 27, 2011

Daisy Scout Investiture Ceremony

On April 4th, we held our Daisy Scout Investiture Ceremony.  I printed invitations for each girl to hand out to family members, and we planned a little reception for after the ceremony.

When we first arrived, I had the girls help set up the chairs for our guests.

While we waited for our guests to arrive, we took care of our troop opening, which was the Pledge of Allegience. (Brittany came with me to help, and she took care of taking pictures!)
Did you notice that Katie snuck in there???
We talked a little bit about what was going to happen during the ceremony:

Then I welcomed our guests, and gave them a little bit of Girl Scout history:

We use a popsicle stick system for a lot of things, like determining whose turn it is, who will get to be "it", things like that.  This night was no exception.  I have 5 popsicle sticks in one of my back pockets.  Each stick has a girl's name on it, and the stick chosen is the girl who will be next.  Once a stick is chosen, it goes in my other pocket.  For the Investiture, each girl came forward and recited the Girl Scout Promise.  Then, she and I shook hands with the Girl Scout handshake.  Her mother pinned on her Girl Scout pins, and then I handed her a gerbera daisy.

The first up was Madelynn:

Next came Emma C.:

Followed by Carolyn:

And last but not least, Emma H.:

And here is a picture of Brentwood's newest Daisy troop:

And my own personal Daisies:


Now, the moment the girls were waiting for:  snack time, which is a very big part of every Girl Scout meeting.  I decided to get a cupcake cake, and when I found this one at the store that morning, I knew I couldn't have found anything better.
The girls mingled with their families while we all had refreshments, then it was time to clean up and go home.  But there are more posts coming about our Daisy Troop adventures, stay tuned!

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