Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daisy Scout Princess Party

On Monday, May 23, our troop attended a Daisy Princess Party, sponsored by a Cadet troop in our area.  The girls had a ball...talk about a tailor made event!  The troop that sponsored this has done so for about 7 years now.  This particular event was open only to Daisy troops.  There were around 70 kindergarten/1st grade age girls there!

The girls were to dress up in their favorite princess costumes, and then come and do princess themed activities.  We attended in lieu of our regular troop meeting.
Abby and Emma borrowed dresses from one of their troop mates.  Brittany gave them each royal hairstyles before we left the house.  Abby wasn't entirely happy about this adventure, as she was a little tired, but she warmed up quickly.

Each troop was given a hand stamp, in a princess type theme.  There were 6 stations set up, and the different troops rotated around to each station.  Our first stop was the Royal Treasure Box.

This was basically musical chairs:  the girls handed around the treasure box, and whoever was holding it when the music stopped got to pick out a prize.  The girls running the station made sure that each girl got a prize.  Every girl in our troop picked out a "glass" slipper.  In this picture, Princess EC is handing the box to Princess C, while Princess Emma watches.

Princess Abby, waiting for the treaasure box.

Princess C, Princess EC, and Princess Emma
Here is Troop 31804's Royal Court, on their way to the next station:
Princess EC, Princess C, Princess Emma, Princess M, and Princess Abby
The next station was the Princess Snack station.  Each girl was given a juice pouch and a piece of bread.  They had various cookie cutters available, and each girl cut a shape out of her bread.  The most popular shape was a heart, but there was a star, a flower, and a butterfly also.  They got to spread their bread with strawberry jam, and the Royal Attendant sprinkled their bread with pink sugar.  Yummy!
Princess Emma

Princess Abby

Princess M and Princess C

At our next station, the girls made Princess Streamers, to be used for their Princess Dancing.  This was a very clever craft, and very easy for girls at this level to do.  They were each given a ponytail elastic and 6 ribbons.  They were taught how to fold the ribbons in half, thread the ribbon loop through the elastic, then pull the ribbon ends through the loop to tighten it up.
Princess M and Princess Abby, listening to instructions.

Princess Abby, Princess C, and Princess EC, making their bracelets.
After their streamers were done, the princesses put them on their wrists and did a twirly, spinny dance around the ballroom:
Princess Emma, in a fast paced princess dance.
The next station was the Royal Shrinky Dink station, where each girl was given a Shrinky Dink picture to color.  They had already cut out and hole punched the pictures, so each girl just had to color it as she chose, then give it to a Royal Attendant to be baked.  The finished Shrinky Dink was used at the next station.
Princess Emma, Princess C, Princess Abby, and Princess M.  Lady Rhiannon is helping in the background.  Princess EC was a little further down on the bench.
The next station was to make Royal jewelery.  The girls were each given a piece of lacing plastic, with their Shrinky Dink piece strung on the middle.  There were pans of pony beads of various colors and shapes along the table, and the girls were told to add beads to each side.  When they were done, the ends were knotted together.
Princess C and Princess M
Princess EC

Princess Emma

Princess Abby
The final station was at the Royal Photography booth.  All of the troop princesses gathered together to have their picture taken.  Then they decorated commemorative frames, which will have the photo mounted on it, and then they will be sent to us.
Princess M, Princess EC, Princess C,
Princess Abby, and Princess Emma.
This is a picture that I took, the official one isn't back yet.

Princess Emma

Princess Abby
This was a really, really well run event.  All of the older girls related very well to the younger girls, and there was plenty of help on hand to keep things running smoothly.  The girls also received a patch for their smocks, but for a change, the event overshadowed that fact!  And the REALLY good news??  They'll be invited back next year too!

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