Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brianna turns 17

Brianna, my oldest daughter, turned 17 on May 3rd.  I really don't know how that happened.  She's not supposed to be 17 yet, as I'm not old enough for a 17 year old! 

We celebrated her birthday on April 30th, with a family party.  Mom, Dick, Dad, Ann, and Becky joined us for a birthday dinner.  We had a hamburger and hotdog bar, which is my absolute favorite party dinner these days.  Don manned the grill, and I laid out all of the fixin's.  Apparently, I go overboard...I put out 3 kinds of cheese, bacon, guacamole, standard burger produce, and grilled onions.  This year, I went to our garage and opened one of every kind of homemade relish out there, including homemade ketchup.  I love an excuse for lots of choices!

Anyway, back to Brianna.  For the first time in a very long time, she seemed genuinely happy.  Made me remember the little girl Brianna, who was always smiling.  It was good to see, but made me a little sad at the same time.  She was around for her whole party, and engaged with everyone.  Here she is opening gifts:

(Maddie "helped" her the whole time, which is why she is in so many pictures!)

Here is another picture of the cake:

When I asked Brianna what kind of cake she wanted, she told me to surprise her.  So I did.  This is Brianna's favorite:  chocolate cake, split lengthwise, with a layer of homemade whipped cream and sliced bananas in the middle.  The rest is frosted in more whipped cream.  So yummy, and she was surprised.  I had the 3 girls help me with the decorations.  I sliced some jumbo marshmallows, and they dipped the sticky sides in various colored sugars.  I really think they like to help.  The stems on the flowers are green Twizzlers I found at the grocery store that morning.  I hadn't planned on using them on the cake, but they worked perfectly!

I always like how birthday cakes look when the candles are lit!

Here she is, thinking of what to wish for.  Katie is anxious for the first piece.  I think she wanted to make sure that she got the piece with the blue flower!

Yes, she blew out all the candles, so I guess that means she'll get her wish.  I wonder what it was???  Should I be nervous about that???

See you soon!

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