Monday, May 30, 2011

Accordian Scrapbook Tutorial

A few days ago, I mentioned that the elementary school had hosted a craft/rummage sale as a school fundraiser, and that I made some small gift bags.  At the same time that I was making the gift bags, I was making small scrapbooks, which I also learned how to do at MOPS.  Unfortunately, I only got a few completed, and opted to leave them home until the next show, when I would be able to finish some more. 

I did take pictures of the process though, so I'm going to share them with you now.

Supplies needed:
2 Foam core squares, cut 6" by 6"
3 12" x 12" pieces of cardstock
Scrapbook paper:  2- 8" x 8" squares, 3- 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" squares, and twelve triangles, cut from 5" squares
Butter knife

Step one:  Cover the foam core boards using the 8" squares of scrapbook paper.  I found that it helps to wrap them, as you would a gift.  Secure the edges with tape, if desired.

Step two:  Using a ruler and the back side of a butter knife, score the 12" cardstock from top to bottom and from edge to edge through the center.  Scoring will really help with folding crisply along the lines.  After both directions are scored, fold the card stock along one line.  Unfold and fold on the other line.  Unfold again.

Step three:  Turn the cardstock over and score from corner to corner, diagonally.  Repeat with other diagonal.  After both scores are made, fold along score lines, as you did in step two.  Make sure that the horizontal/vertical folds were made on one side of the paper, and the diagonal folds are made on the other side of the paper.

Repeat steps two and three on the remaining 12" x 12" papers.

Step four:  Lay the three pieces of cardstock side by side on the table from point to point, being sure the folds are all oriented the same way.  Take the middle page and turn it over.  Overlap the squares of the three papers as shown in the photo, and glue together.

Step five:  Begin gluing your scrapbook squares and triangles to the 3 assembled pieces of cardstock.  Mix and match papers, use coordinating papers, just generally have fun.  I have done a few theme albums for holidays.

Step six:  Carefully refold the papers, making sure they fold properly, and lay flat.

Step seven:  Glue one covered foam core board to the top and one to the bottom of the stack, making sure the pages are centered on the foam core squares.

It may be helpful to weight the album with a heavy book until the glue is dry.
Step eight:  Glue a ribbon to the front only of the book, paying attention to which direction the book opens in.  Make sure the ribbon is long enough to wrap around the back of the book, and tie on the right hand side.  If desired, you can glue pieces of paper over the ribbon, to use as both an anchor, and a way of labeling the scrapbook.  You can also add stickers, photos, or other embellishments if you wish.

After you complete the scrapbook, open it up and add your photos.  This makes a compact little album, which makes a great gift for just about anybody.  Have fun!

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