Friday, February 12, 2010

Princess Day and first efforts for the Dishcloth Create-along!

Yesterday was Princess Day at our house.  The three small girls put on their princess costumes from Halloween, and complete with craft store crowns I picked up that morning, they had a tea party picnic in the living room.  I served them lunch, and it was quite fun, except for the frequent bellows of "Room Service!" to me out in the kitchen when they wanted something else!
Following the picnic, we showed all princess movies on the DVD player....Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and...well, those were all we had time for, but Katie was really pushing for  The Aristocats, as that is as close as we can get to finding a princess cat movie!

Yesterday was so much fun, they had a low grade repeat today:

I wouldn't allow the costumes again, but did let them wear dresses, as the only thing on the agenda today was finishing our Valentine's crafts.

Here are our 12 finished bear magnets, ready for gift giving this weekend.

A few days ago, Melissa posted a Knit/Crochet Dishcloth Create-along, which I decided to join.  A link to her website is here.  The idea was to create, by either knit or crochet, as many dishcloths as you could in a 2 week timespan.  I was unable to start one until yesterday, as I had other projects that had to be done first.  Here is where I am:
I am slightly over half done, and it is slower going than I would've liked, but I've wanted to try a round dishcloth for a while, so now I've done it!  The pattern can be found here.  There are lots of other beautiful cloth patterns here too!

My next dishcloth will be a pattern sent to me by Cee, who's blog link is here.  The cloth I'm going to do is the bright blue one.

Have you experienced having lots of little bits and pieces of yarn left after finishing another project, yet they don't seem big enough to do anything with?  I've collected LOTS of those, but at last, I have a use!  I found a tutorial on knitting pot scrubbers here.  I happened to have had a six inch wide, 25 foot long roll of tulle that I bought a long time ago, and nothing to use it for, so I dug it out, and in an evening, created these:
I liked them so well, I went out the next day and bought more tulle, even though I had enough already cut to make four more scrubbies!  I will use up those little bits one way or another!

We are off on an adventure tomorrow.  My mother and I are taking the four littlest ones to to Jelly Belly Factory, and then for an afternoon of shopping at the outlet mall.  I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Your washcloth is going to be lovely, and those little scrubbies look great!

  2. Anne, thanks for stopping by! I love the color of the yarn you are using, and wish I knew how to crochet. Maybe someday soon, I will learn!