Friday, February 11, 2011

Homemade Pasta, Brittany style

After our homemade ravioli day, we had some extra pasta dough left, so Brittany agreed to roll it and make fettucine with it.  She agreed to let me take pictures, so long as I didn't show her face, so here she is!

Rolling the dough.

As usual, there's never a shortage of people waiting to help!

Cutting the noodles.

Emma has a turn with the pasta machine.

Sprinkling the noodles with flour, so they won't stick.

Separating the noodles.

Look at those fingers fly!

Rolling the noodles into "nests".
Ready for drying!

I love having children that can function in the kitchen!  Such a nice treat to be cooked for once in a while!

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