Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Milestone of the New Year!

Last week, on January 1, we made the decision to get rid of Maddie's crib.  For one thing, the poor crib had been through at least 4 children, and was showing the wear and tear, in the form of a critical screw that kept falling out. (This being the screw that allowed the drop side to move up and down, or stay in place.  Like I said, critical!)

So, we took the offending furniture out, loaded it into the truck, and carted it off to the dump.  Then, Don came home and took Katie's bed apart, and installed it in Madison's room.  While he was occupied elsewhere, I rearranged the furniture.  That room now houses a twin bed, a twin bed that pulls out to a king size, a dresser/changing table, stand alone wardrobe, bookcase, and chair.  Miraculously, it all fits in with room to spare, and there are no bits of furniture near the railing, which is VERY important!

That left Katie without a bed, which she was strangely ok with.  She talked briefly about sharing a room with Maddie, and was quite upbeat about having given up her bed.  Then, we mentioned that we bought her a set of bunk beds, which quite changed her tune!  Don assembled them in the bedroom, not without some difficulty!  That room is home to all 3 girls, and so now includes 2 sets of bunk beds, 3 dressers, 3 hampers, and LOTS of little girl clothes, shoes, toys, etc.  But, Don made it work, because that's the kind of guy he is!

I resisted writing a post about this until now, because I didn't want to push our luck.  Jinx the whole idea of Madison in a "big girl" bed, if you will.  On the first night, I sat in her room with her, but out of sight.  She was asleep within 15 minutes, and didn't get out of bed once!  Yay!!  Then, 2 am rolled around.  I could hear her, pulling on the baby gate that blocks off her room.  GROAN!  I went in and laid down with her, and was asleep again before she was.  But, she didn't get out of bed again, and did fall asleep.  We've had no problems with her at all since, and even nap times go smoothly.  Hooray, I guess she was ready!

And now, here are the pictures of the new arrangements:

Maddie, in her new bed, on the first night.

Maddie, after I rearranged her a little bit.  She began to stir, so I beat a hasty retreat!

Katie, in her new top bunk.

The empty bunk, which Maddie will move into eventually.

Abby in the top bunk, Emma in the bottom.

So you can see, we have a ridiculous amount of beds and beddings in our house!

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