Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Katie's Birthday Party

As I mentioned, I'm a little behind on posts.  Katie celebrated her 5th birthday on January 24th.  Hard to believe she is 5 already! 

We had a family party for her.  Mom, Dick, and Becky came over, and Brittany's boyfriend was here.  We had dinner, which was yummy...homemade ravioli, flower shaped noodles, eggplant parmasean, salad, and garlic bread. 
After dinner, Mom read stories to the girls, while we did dishes and got ready for the rest of the party.  All of them decided to wear party dresses.  I have such girly girls!

Then came presents.  (Katie loves dresses and skirts...wears them almost every day, in fact.)  So I'm sure she was hoping that's what was in her packages! 

Emma and Abby "helped" Katie quite a bit.  They handed her the presents and kept track of the cards.  They actually were very helpful, and genuinely happy for Katie's day. 

After sending everyone upstairs for pajamas, it was time to play with the favorite present:

Abby is teaching Katie how to play with her new computer, which my grandmother sent her.  It was a huge hit, not only with Katie, but with everyone else too.

Even Maddie!  And she was having such a tantrum over not being allowed to play with Katie's present, that Brittany got out her computer for Maddie to play with!  (No, she's not at all spoiled!)

Next was cake time:
Katie's ornament series features gingerbread houses.  You can put a light bulb in the bottom, adn they light up, and are really cute.  So, Katie's cake usually features lots of extra candy!

The birthday girl with her cake.

I wonder what she wished for!
And so we enter another year with our Katie.  Next stop, kindergarten!  And believe me, she can't wait!

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