Wednesday, March 31, 2010

40 Squares, part 2

(OK, technically not part 2, as yesterday's was called "39 stitches".  It should have been 39 squares, apparently, I was listening to a child and not paying attention.  And since I'm doing 40 squares, let's fix that too.)

Boy, is my face red!  I rather shamelessly stole the design for my sun square from suzitee, but her's is MUCH better than mine.  Her blog is here, and her squares are all darling!  Now that I've given credit where it is due, I can show you my next 5 squares.

As you look at these, please ignore my blue lines, which were only roughly drawn in.  I will wash them out when each of the 40 squares is finished.

Square 6:
This is the stack of books on my nightstand.  Yes, there are at least that many.  I've included the Bible, because it is one of the books that I am determined to finish by the end of the year.

Square 7:
A ball of yarn and my favorite bamboo knitting needles.  I've hardly been without a pair of needles in my hands since the year began.  This square really looks better in person, as you can see the texture of the yarn ball more clearly.

Square 8:
This represents my first job, at a local grocery store.  But my husband says it is symbolic of my love of shopping.  I guess that works too.  I love dual purpose squares!

Square 9:
Not a great picture, but these are my sewing notions.  The silver needle is not showing up very well, but it is there.

Square 10:
This square is for all of the craft projects I do with my girls.  I will be thrilled if anyone can identify the brands I was trying to duplicate!

While I was stitching, one of my girls picked up the camera, and snapped this picture of me.  I was quite surprised when I uploaded pictures and came across this one, so I included it.  Perhaps I'm spending too much time on this project, hmm?
Oooh, look, I'm also on the phone with my mom.  I'd like to say this is not a good picture, and I look better in person, but I'm afraid it's pretty spot on!  At least it shows that I'm multitasking, which is usually true.

I'm hoping to have more squares done to show you tomorrow.  I've got to switch gears back to knitting today, as I have 2 pairs of slippers on order for tomorrow that aren't quite finished yet. 

See you later!

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  1. You are too funny! I popped over here to tell you to use ANY of my squares that you like...I'm flattered :) No need to be red-faced at all LOL
    You are going great guns on your's very addictive isn't it? I especially love your shopping trolley...too cute!