Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Activities, updates, and a bunny sighting!

Perhaps I should sit down and update this a little more frequently!  A lot has happened in the 18 days since I last sat here.  We'll start with the 3 little girls.  I think it will take more than one blog entry today to catch up, so here goes!

As always, we made projects for St. Patrick's Day.  The first one, I used polymer clay to make shamrock "beads" for them, and they strung them to make necklaces:
These are the ones that they made to give as gifts.  The ones they kept for themselves had different colored stones in the middle.

Next came our refrigerator magnets:

Katie is our "free thinker". While Abby and Emma follow the directions to a "t", Katie insisted on girl shamrocks, so had hair bows instead of bow ties.  Love that girl!

A few days later, Brittany took the girls out for a run through the sprinkler.  Yes, it was warm enough for the sprinkler on March 19th!

They desperately needed haircuts before Easter.  Here is the before picture:

And the after picture:

What a difference!  Combing hair is much less traumatic now.  Notice the suckers the received from the stylist!

Last week, I took them to visit the Easter bunny for pictures.  Before we could get there, we were invited to participate in a training session at a photo studio.  Here is the resulting picture from that:

These people were good...do you know how hard it is to get 4 little girls not only all looking in the same direction, but also SMILING?

Then, they saw the Easter bunny:

And here are our Easter projects so far.  Of course, I have 3 more kits put away for the next couple of days.

Thanks for bearing with me.  Next stop, Madison's first birthday!

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