Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madison's first birthday!

Madison turned one on March 18th.  I, however, neglected to take a picture of her on her actual birthday. Sigh.  I was so focused on her party being on the 20th, I didn't get out the camera.  Her little sisters sang to her, repeatedly, through out the day though, so it wasn't totally unnoticed.

Here are some pictures from her party.  The first is her cake.  Our family puts Christmas ornaments on our birthday cakes, owing to the percentage of us whose birthdays fall after the Hallmark ornament release.  In fact, only my oldest daughter's birthday is too early in the year, so she gets an extra present at Christmastime.  But, I digress. 

Maddie's ornament was the nursery rhyme about the cow jumping over the moon, so I had them make a "sky" cake. The cow probably jumped over the moon at NIGHT, but this was as close as I could come.

The bakery includes a free small cake for baby's first birthday, so that the other guests do not have to have slobbery cake.

Maddie, who was fairly cranky all day, in the living room. That's my dad behind her, and my stepdad to his left. Abby is on the couch, Katie is dancing, and you can just see Emma's ponytail flying by. I'm not really sure why everyone has their nightgowns on already. It was one of those things that just happens.

Maddie with Grampy. One of the very rare smiles that she gave out that day.

Maddie, with Poppa.  Another rare smile sighting.

Also at the party were Maddie's paternal grandparents, my Mom, my stepmom, my sister and her boyfriend, and our neice.  Oh yeah, and her parents and 5 sisters.  There are no pictures of her with any of these other pictures in my camera.  Not sure what happened there, but I promise to make up for it on the next occasion we get together!

When it came time to have cake, Brittany noted that we had already put Maddie in pajamas, and that we might not want her getting cake all over herself.  She went and got one of her own t-shirts to cover her up with.  She's a quick thinking girl!

This, however, is as messy as she got.  Of my six girls, only one of them really plowed into her cake.  All the other ones have just sort of dabbled in it.

It was a fun day, especially considering that I had the food catered, and we used disposables.  Not the greenest solution, I know, but it sure made the day easier!  Next stop, scrapbooking the day!

Next blog entry, projects.

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