Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Self Discipline is tough!

The last time I sat down to write here, I stated that I had about 10 knitting projects already started....turns out, the number is closer to 16.  Yikes!  I am committed to finishing a lot of them this year, I truly am.  Which made yesterday really tough, as I got a shipment of new yarn from!  Here are pictures of what I received:

100% wool yarn, destined for various felted projects,

Holiday colored self striping cotton yarn, for tea cozies,

4 different baby yarns for hats and booties,

and 8 skeins of Homespun, plus size 50 needles, for an afghan pattern I'm dying to try!
I am standing firm in my resolve to finish my baby's birth picture first, followed by completing three knitting works in progress before I start the afghan, however.  Let me tell you, I haven't heard yarn call me as loudly as I did yesterday!  I was cross stitching in the family room, and the yarn, tucked safely into its project bag, called me from the living room all day long.  I did indulge a little big at bedtime last night, as I modified the pattern to make the finished afghan slightly larger.  That's not cheating, is it?
And here is the latest progress on the baby's picture:

I'm not sure now if I will finish it by this weekend or not, as I will be hosting family here on Friday for a Ravioli Making Party, and then on Saturday for my Katie's fourth birthday, but I will keep you posted!

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