Monday, January 18, 2010

A finished project, and goals for 2010

So, on Saturday, I finished the Bunny Blanket Buddy that I started earlier in the week.

It came out pretty well, although the face is a little bit scary!  As it turns out, I had made a mistake about an inch after starting the head, and didn't catch it until I began stuffing it.  If it had been a gift, I would've redone it, but for my own child, I can live with it.  Now that I've completed the project once, I know where I can make small changes next time.  For instance, next time, I will embroider the face before I add the stuffing, as I think that will give me a little more control on the poor creatures expression!  I gave the finished product to Maddie, and as you can see.....

...she slept next to it, while hugging her sock from that day.  Sometimes, you just can't win!

For my next project focus, I'm working on finishing Maddie's birth sampler.  I started it last year while pregnant with her, and am determined to have it hanging on her wall before her first birthday, which is in 2 months.  I should be in good shape there, as I'm over half way done.  Here is a picture from where  was on Saturday night:

And here is a picture from where I am tonight:

The finished dimensions are 11" by 14".  After I'm done the charted part, I will chart all of the personal information.  Then, I can take the piece shopping with me to choose mats and a frame.  I've already ordered the mounting board, so I should be ready to frame it when the order comes in!

I've decided that for 2010, I am going to focus on not only starting new projects, but finishing them, and finishing works in progress as well.  A rough estimate has me with 10 projects on knitting needles, 2 projects in quilting hoops, 1 project that needs to go back into the quilting hoop, 3 finished and 1 unfinished quilt tops, and at least 4 counted cross stitch projects in hoops.  I also have 16 felted cell phone holders to sew snaps and buttons on, and yarn purchased for countless projects in my head.  Wish me luck!

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