Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer time fun, part 1

As of today, school has been out for two weeks now.  So far, so good!  The first few days of vacation, Don's mom was here, so the kids were busy with Grandma.  For the next four days, we just relaxed at home, and basically did nothing.  After all, that's the best part of vacation, right?  On the tenth, Don took Abby, Emma, Katie, and Madison down to his mom's for a four day weekend.  That's right, I was home alone, at least on Friday.  I spent  Housecleaning the family room, and more specifically, sorting through, thinning out, and organizing the kids' toys.  It was a VERY productive 9 hours, and the kids told me when they got home that it was a nice surprise.

The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins while in SoCal.  Unfortunately, Don was kept very busy, so I do not have any pictures of their adventures down there, but I know they had lots of fun!  Don's sister Therry, and niece Sydney, as well as his nephew Justin, niece Katrina, and their 3 boys kept the girls on the move.  Between a health fair, playground time, and swimming, they didn't want to come home!

I also spent that weekend having fun...Friday night was a purse party at my neighbor's house and a Secret Sisters party at church.  Saturday was the show Mamma Mia, followed by dinner, with Mom, Becky, and Brittany, and Sunday was a Scentsy party at my house.  All of these events were interspersed with bouts of house cleaning.  Fun and productive, in 4 short days!

That brings us to this week.  Brittany has been bored.  Monday night, when Abby and Emma got home from Daisy Scouts, Brittany decided to host a slumber party in the family room.  Little did she know that all 4 girls, PLUS Don would fall sound asleep within minutes of laying down:

Brittany put down an air mattress for the 4 girls.  She slept on the couch.

Maddie and Katie, curled up together.

Abby and Emma.  Isn't it funny how they all paired up?

Even Don dozed off.  He and I went to bed though.  Leave "roughing" it to the kids!

Yesterday she was so bored that she took the 4 kids out to wash my car and Don's truck.  The end result was 2 very clean cars and 5 exhausted kids.  They came in, dried off, and put pajamas on, then lay down to watch a movie while I cooked dinner.
Abby, in her winter pj's, for some strange was almost 100 degrees out!

I think Katie was actually playing with that ball when she fell asleep.

Emma, under a bath towel, sound asleep.

Brittany might've fallen asleep while texting someone!

And Maddie.  OK, Maddie didn't fall asleep, she took a nap between vehicles.
And those girls were sleeping HARD.  Don had to really nudge them to wake them up for dinner.  It's amazing what water fun in the hot sun can accomplish!  And all slept really well last night too!

Tomorrow, I'll let you in on the strategy we are going to try for our summer activities this year.  Stay tuned!

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