Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last day of school: Splash Day!

Abby and Emma, on the first day of school.
 Last Thursday was the last day of school for the girls.  I don't know if any of you have been following the California weather, but we have NOT had the sunny, warm weather that everyone pictures when they think our area.  It has been cold and RAINY!  The last day of school was another cold, wet day.  Don't get me wrong, I like rainy days, a lot, and am perfectly happy with this.  However, the last day of school was Splash Day for the girls.  And they wore bathing suits.  And played water games.  And being typical 6 year olds, saw absolutely nothing wrong with this!

At the girls' school, there were 4 kindergarten classes, each with around 25 students.  On the last day of school, they set up 8 stations around the playground:  ice cream sundaes, water balloon hot potato, sidewalk chalk, hotdogs, bubbles, water relays, water painting, and potato sack races.  The kids were numbered, 1 thru 8, which told them which station they started with.  Then, they rotated through each of the 8 stations, which were manned by parent volunteers.  Everyone had a really good time, and the rain that we did have didn't seem to put a damper on anything at all.

I had a camera with a really good zoom lens, so I was able to stay at my station (ice cream!), and capture all of the action.  As the kids didn't typically know that I was taking pictures, there are not many where they are looking at me.  And now, I'll let the pictures tell the story!
Abby, having lunch.

Emma, at the chalk station.

Abby, ready to get wet at the water relay.

Emma, having lunch.

Abby, at the potato sack race.

Emma, ready for some water play.

Emma, "painting" with water.

Emma's turn to race.

Abby, enjoying her ice cream.

Emma, looking dreamy!

Abby at the water balloon game.

Abby, becoming a big chalky mess!

Emma, playing with water balloons.
I realize that some of those pictures look a little bit sunny.  The sun played games with us all would peek out for a few minutes, then be swallowed by clouds again.  There were a few cloud bursts, but before an alternate plan could be put in action, it would stop.  From what I understand, though, the initial plan was for the kids to be soaked, so I think they modified the games a little!  And now, we have first graders!

Here is Emma and Abby, in their last kindergarten picture, taken right before we left for school:
See you soon!

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