Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Girl Scout Cookie Booth

On March 12, our Daisy Troop had their second (of three) cookie booths.  The reason I'm writing about the second booth and not the first is because I forgot the camera at the first one. (I also forgot to bring the camera with me to my shift at this one, but remembered it when we went back to pack up!)

This particular day was the 99th birthday of Girl Scouts of America.  (On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low gathered 18 girls together to form the Girl Guides of America, which was later renamed the Girl Scouts of America.)  We decided to play up the birthday theme, in the hopes of driving sales.  I brought birthday balloons, a birthday banner, and the girls wore birthday hats.  We also had signs on our table, explaining what day it was.

See the banner on our table?  One of our troop moms made it for us!  It's beautiful, made of felt, and should last for years.  She put "Girl Scouts Troop 31804" on it, instead of "Daisy Troop" for just that reason.  Thanks goodness for clever parents on our team!

Here are the girls, making a sale. They are so cute, which helps a lot, apparently.  Some of the more experienced troop leaders have advised me to play up the natural cuteness of girls this age.  After each sale, the girls say, "Thank you for supporting our Daisy Troop!" 

Here is Madelynn's mom, Madelynn, and Emma C.  Emma C.'s mom is behind the balloons.

Oh!  I've been spotted!  Although our troop is small right now (only 5 girls), we've got phenomenal parents, which is half (at least!) the battle.

The girls set a goal, as a troop, of 500 boxes of cookies sold.  We've done 2 booths, and sold 84 boxes at each of them.  When you add that to what the girls have sold individulally, they've sold 676 boxes, so far, and still have another booth to go.  Plus, they can still sell to friends and family for another week.  I'm so very proud of them!

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