Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Mom's birthday

Since I seem to be doing things VERY out of order, trying to catch up on those things I haven't posted about for over a month, here is a post about my Mom's birthday, which was August 4th.

Mom and Dick came out for the Saturday before her birthday, and we all made an afternoon of it.

The camera didn't actually come out of hiding until after the kids were in pjs, which was actually quite early.  I'm not really sure why.  Here, Mom is reading a story called "Pinkalicious" to Katie.  Katie, as always, is very aware that a camera is pointing at her.

After story time, the Fancy Nancy board game came out, and all the little girls and Mom played that game.

Interspersed through the little kid entertainments were several vicious games of Spite and Malice, or as it's known around here, "Spider Mouse".

Next came present time.  Of course, no one here can open their own presents, the special expertise of the little people is always required.  Here, Emma is helping with the birthday card reading.  By the way, see the window?  It's full on daylight....I can't explaing the nightgowns and pajamas, I really can't.

Abby, (also in a nightgown!) is looking on as the next card is read.

This is Mom, asking me if I had made her card.  The answer was yes.  I was playing around with some quilling supplies, and made a really cute card with a frog on it.  Unfortunately, I neglected to take a picture of it!

Here is the present that we gave Mom.  It is a tote bag, which I made from a pattern I found and just had to make.  You do remember that I don't consider myself able to sew well, right?  I LOVE how this bag came out!  We also gave Mom a couple of sets of knitting needles that she wanted.

Here is another picture of the bag:

It is quilted, so it is sturdy, with padded handles.  There is a large pocket on both the front and the back, and ties on the side to allow for expansion.  The bottom is square, so it sits up really well.

The inside is fully lined, and there are pockets around the inside, plenty of room for all kinds of odds and ends!

Mom couldn't believe that I had made it, which tells you something about my abilities!  I was very happy that she liked it, and even happier that she moved a project into it almost as soon as she got home!

After presents, we had dessert.  I didn't get a picture of that either, darn it!  Every year, Becky makes a fruit tart, with a delicious white chocolate/cream cheese base in a shortbread crust, and arranges sliced fresh fruit on top.  This year, she let the girls help arrange the fruit, and it was beautiful as well as delicious.  Can't wait for next year, when we have it again.  I will definitely take a picture next time!

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