Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fundraising Auction Basket

A few days ago, I mentioned that we had gone on a whirlwind trip to Southern California in July.  While we were there, I delivered the basket for my mother-in-law's fundraiser, and I remembered to take a picture of it first!  I know it's hard to tell what is in the basket, so I also took pictures of the pieces.

Here is a 5 piece spa set, knit in 100% cotton.  There is an eye mask, soap bag, wash mitt, headband, and washcloth.

A pair of ladies' size medium slippers, knit in 100% acrylic.

A teapot with tea cozy, knit in 100% cotton, along with a lidded mug.

A four piece journal set, consisting of a large journal, pocket journal, bookmark, and pen.

Honey Almond scented bath/facial products:  bath salt, bath milk, oatmeal soap, glycerin soap, and loofah soap.

A purse set of 100% wool:  cell phone case, coin purse, glasses case, and key leash.

And lastly, the tag, listing the basket components.  See where it says "Semi-Homemade"?  That is the theme that Rita chose.  The items that I pictured above were all made by me, except, of course, the teapot and mug.  As for the other things in the basket, we included unscented votive candles, assorted herbal teabags, a tranquilty CD, and a manicure set.  All in all, I think it turned out really well, and it was fun to put together as well!  That's always a plus, and I'm hoping it does well in the silent auction, which is coming up on the 25th.  If I find out how much it went for, I'll be sure to post it here!

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