Friday, July 16, 2010

Darn it! Time got away from me again!

Does it feel like everytime I write a blog entry, I'm apologizing for how long it's been between posts?  Once again, I've been meaning to write an entry for quite a while.  When you see some of my pictures, you'll know how long I've wanted to do this!

So, this morning, I came up with a brilliant plan....I'd get up early, something that is not my strong point, and blog before the kids got up.  And now, here I am, at 6:15 am.  I am dressed, my morning grooming is done, my pictures are uploaded to the computer, and I'm ready to go.  That being said....the 3 little girls ALSO decided to get up early, and are now clustered in the office behind me.  Abby just told me that she has already poured dry cheerios for Maddie, and is making waffles for herself, Emma, and Katie!  Today might be a little bit of a scattered post.  Sigh.

Okay, first things first.  On July 4th, we drove down to Fremont to see the annual parade with Mom and Dick.  Here are the girls, all dressed in their patriotic best:

This is not a great picture for detail, but I had a little fun the night before.  I went to the drug store and bought red, white, and blue nail polish, plus 2 glitter colors, and some star  nail stickers.  Every girl's fingers and toes got painted, and then coated with glitter polish, so we had "fireworks" on our nails, mine and Maddie's included.  Mom found them patriotic flip flops, and the girls' light up when they walk.

(Side note:  Abby is behind me, "reading" to her sisters.  We checked "My Father's Dragon", by Ruth Stiles Gannett, out of the library the last time.  There are 10 chapters, and we read 2 a night, finishing last night.  Abby is doing a fairly accurate retelling!)

Here is a picture of Maddie:

For  rare moment, she was let out of the stroller to roam.  Doesn't look like she quite knows what's going on, does she?

Our group really wasn't that big, but I never got a shot of all of us at one time. Here are Dick and Mom, waiting with the girls for the parade to start.  Brianna and Brittany didn't join us this time, as both had other plans.
And here are Mom, Madison, and Don:
(Now the girls are playing games.  Katie is playing a cookie matching game, and Abby and Emma are playing Barrel of Monkeys.  Abby and Emma are quite noisy!)

I guess the parade wasn't exciting enough to hold Maddie's attention!  Poor baby, it was hot, we  sat in the sun, and she had gotten up earlier than normal.  But she didn't fuss at all, just let herself drift off.  We are sooooooo lucky!

This float was toward the end of the parade.  Correct that, second from the end.  The truck right behind it is a street sweeper.  I took over 100 pictures, as I do every year.  This parade has been going for about 12 years or so, and we haven't missed one yet.  There is the usual mix of bands, scout troops, classic cars, fire trucks, and police cars participating, but we also have groups of pirates, gunfighters, witches, Highland warriors, and nuns marching, to name a few!
(Now the girls are "cooking" an odd assortment of cookies and moneys.  I won't ask, I don't want to know!)

After the parade, we went back to Mom's house for a barbecue.  The girls got to play, the baby got to nap, (as did Don, for a few minutes!), and I got to relax a little.  Mom and I worked together on the food, Dick manned the grill, and everyone ate their fill.  I think that is one of my favorite parts:  just getting together, keeping it low key, and relaxing!

It's now 6:42, and the girls are getting impatient, so I guess I'd better go, but more to follow soon!

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