Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brittany is 15 now!

The birthday girl, coming downstairs.
My posts are a little bit out of order, chronologically.  I should've posted this one back a week or so, but again, time got away from me.  This should catch me up, though.

On July 17th, Brittany turned 15.  I can't believe how time is flying.  We celebrated, as we usually do, with a family party.  Brit invited her boyfriend, Ramiro, and her best friend, Brenda over.  We had dinner, which was takeout Chinese food from Panda Express, at Brittany's request, followed by presents and cake.

Here is the cake.  As you may know by now, on most of our birthday cakes, we choose an ornament and decorate around them.  Brittany has had Tinkerbell cakes for many years now, and this year was no exception:

It's a little challenging to make a snow themed cake in July, but with a little imagination, it can be done.  It didn't help us feel any cooler, though!

Brittany, reading the card the 3 little girls "made" for her.  They got her 2 decks of playing cards, as replacements for 2 decks that were covered in spilled milk.  Look for  future post on cards.

The girls put stickers inside Brittany's card.  When they were done that, they decided to decorate Madison, too.

Katie used a couple on herself, as earrings.  I think, by the end of the night, all the females at the party had sticker earrings!

Ramiro and Madison, helping Brittany.

Opening the present Don and I got her:  $100 IOU towards a new cell phone, packaged with a toy phone.  Somehow, I think Madison would up with the toy.

Time for cake!  I got these relighting sparkler type candles.  We all thought they were funny...

....but Brittany wasn't quite as amused.  Ramiro and Brenda are looking on.

Finally, the candles are out, and it is time for cake and ice cream!

Happy 15th Birthday, Brittany!

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